Raja Festival in Odisha: A Fiesta to be Relished

Raja Festival in Odisha which is celebrated for the love for non-vegetarian food & delicacies, it is like a fiesta which indulges people in their meatier dishes.

Some of the most special dishes prepared on RAJA are: Poda Pitha, Mati Handi Mutton, Mutton Keema Ghuguni, Chicken Aloo Kasa, Aloo Chole Pakori Curry, Chhena Poda, Chakuli, Kanika, Manda Pitha, Aloo Chole Choka Dalma, Dahi Salad, and the list just go longer. The festive 3 days in every Odia’s life is the moment to savior.

Have we ever thought that what is the reason behind this Rajo Parba or why Raja Sankranti is celebrated in Odisha? Well, on this day, unmarried girls wear new dresses, play cards and make merry. It is not just the unique amalgamation of rich tradition along with fun, frolic, and mouth-watering delicacies, but this is also a three-day-long festival to celebrate womanhood.


Why People of Odisha Observe Raja Sankranti?

Raja is an abbreviation used for Rajaswala (meaning a menstruating woman) and it is a day which is celebrated across Odisha and Odias living outside. It signifies the menstrual cycle of the earth similar to that of a woman. Similar to women, the earth is considered to be in a latent stage during these days. This resting period of the earth is when all agricultural activities are forbidden.


RAJA PARBA is All About Food, Fun & Tradition!


The beautiful festival is all about food and one thing that instantly comes to our mind are some variants of Pithas, Mutton Curry, Kanika and many more luscious dishes. The aroma and taste of the particular traditional & authentic Odia dishes are so alluring that it can be relished any time of the day and, this makes Raja festival one of the dearest and special festivals in every Odia household.

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