Chhadakhai is a festival that is observed after panchuka in the holy month of “Kartika masa” while most of the odian’s are awaited for this day after a month of austere vegetarian food. It is a carnivore carnival and authentic delicacies cooked of fish , prawns, chicken, crab, mutton, and many more.

So, ANNAM is bunching up with all of your mouth-watering and authentic Odia dishes like chingudi ghanta, kankada kasa (crab masala), boneless fish patrapoda, rohu besara, champaran mutton, prawn balls in schezwan sauce, hilsa bhapa, nawabi sheekh masala and many more straight to your doorstep on this CHADAKHAI.

Hurry up! And order the striking and  dishes of chadakhai from your very own ANNAM and enjoy this non veg food carnival with your kinfolk.

Order Exclusively Non-veg food on this Chhadakhai

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